A Few Miscellaneous Parts.

I wanted an easy way of attaching the 22mm stainless steel pole to the swivel plate on my test rig, so I came up with some basic wooden blocks with a V cut into them on the table saw. The two parts screw together to grip the rod.


I also needed some kind of spacer and bushing ring to hold the rear rotor far enough away from the stator mounting bracket, and also provide a shoulder for the inner race of the bearing to sit against. I cut out an MDF ring that was a tight fit on the shaft and then added 3 plastic washers with the centres ground out to also be a tight fit on the shaft. The stator mounting bracket fits between the MDF ring and the wooden V blocks. It is then screwed into the wooden V blocks to hold it in place. I also made one extra plastic washer to fit on the front of the shaft once all the alternator parts and the blades are fitted. This will be glued on to stop the whole assembly comming off the front of the shaft.

That's pretty much all of the parts made. I just need to get it all together and put it up on the testing stick. Stay tuned.....